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Driveway Paving

Great looking, long lasting paved driveways by CGM Paving and Tarmac

Paved Path and Steps Cork

Replacing an old sloping concrete path with three steep crumbling steps with a new paved pathway and six well spaced steps.

We removed the existing crumbling concrete pathway, steps and the retaining walls. We then dug out and re-profiled the area to allow for a more gradual stepped path as the existing three steps were too steep for the elderly lady to get up easily.

The drainage pipe from the house guttering was broken so we laid a new pipe to take rain water from the downpipe to the street. We then put a base of 804 stone and compacted… Continue reading

New Driveway Paving Howth

The existing paving was looking tired with loose blocks and hollows where the cars had been parked.

First we removed the old blocks and levelled up the driveway with new gravel and compacted the whole are. Next we added a layer of grit, then we re-compacted to provide a firm and smooth surface. We then applied a layer of screed before laying the new pavers. Once the paving is laid we brush the entire area with fine sand, this tightens up the paving and helps to prevent any weed growth.

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