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Roff cleaning and roof sealing - before and after photoOver the time moss, lychen and dirt accummulates on a roof and prevents proper water drainage. CGM offers inexpensive roof cleaning and sealing service giving it a new lease of life.

Our experienced roof sealing contractors first check the roof surface for any potential damage and make all necessary repairs. We remove any moss growth and debris from gutters and downpipes to ensure proper water drainage.

Next we clean the roof surface by power washing it – don’t worry it is safe on most roofs (see our FAQ page for more in-depth explanation). We would never apply this technique, if there was a risk of any roof leaks or damage to the roof surface.

Depending on the age of your roof, prevailing weather conditions and your budget, we can treat the roof surface with a biocide to kill off any remaining moss and lychen spores. It is highly recommended for all older roofs as it extends the life of your roof.

Roof Sealing Process

roof cotaing colour sample

After the roof has been properly cleaned, we apply a rubberised roof sealant. Applying a roof sealant makes the roof waterproof and enhances the appearance of the house.

Our roof sealer comes in various colours – from black to dove grey and various shades of terracotta or green, so you can choose a suitable colour for your roof. Here are a few examples of popular colours, but if you have any specific colour in mind, talk to us and we will source it for you.


Roof Sealing – CGM Galery


Our quality, workmanship and experience makes us the foremost roof sealing and power-washing experts to cover all your needs. C.G.M., your local contractor for Co. Dublin, Co. Cork, Co. Mayo and Co. Galway

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