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Brickwork & Fencing

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Brickwork | Stonework | Garden Fencing

The CGM team is capable of installing many different types of garden fencing and any style of brickwork or stone work:

Timber Fencing
Stud Railing
Security Fencing
Iron Railing
Dividing Wall
Masonry Walls
Retaining Walls
Wall Cappin
Brickwork & Fencing

Our quality, workmanship and experience makes us the brickwork, stonework and fencing specialist. C.G.M. covers Dublin, Galway, Cork and Mayo. Call for a free estimate.

We are more than happy to run you through the many variations of brickwork and fencing options that are available. We can highlight the pros and cons of each so that you as a customer are fully informed when it comes to deciding upon whichever fencing or brick wall that you might choose to have. 

Our experienced brickwork and fencing team are able to create a variety of decorative styles, with options to suit all tastes and budgets. We can also offer our advice on which options we think best suit your requirements. 

Check our gallery below for some ideas on what we have but don’t hesitate to call if you would like to further explore your options. Our team stands ready now to help you in any way possible with your property.

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