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Tar and Chipping

Tar & Chipping

CGM Tarmac & Paving provides high-quality, professional tar and chipping
tarmac services for customers across Co. Cork, Mayo, Galway, and beyond. Our tar and chipping  driveway construction services provide you with a fantastic paving
solution that’s long-lasting, cost-effective, and durable. Whether
you’re looking to resurface your driveway with a tar and chip covering
or want a completely new driveway installed, the team at CGM Tarmac & Paving
can help. We have years of experience in the industry as tarmac
contractors, always ensuring a long-lasting and thorough job.

For professional, high-quality tar and chipping services in Co. Cork, get in touch with our tarmac contractors today

Why Choose Tar and Chipping?

Tar and chip driveways and roads are a popular choice for customers as they are more cost-effective than traditional asphalt paving solutions. As well as this, tar and chipping coverings provide greater grip capabilities during times of heavy snow or rain, making it a safer option for your home. When it comes to functionality, tar and chipping is a fantastic paving choice as it is low-maintenance while still functioning fantastically. Here at CGM Tarmac & Paving, we provide full installation and laying services for tar and chip tarmac driveways to ensure a smooth, even finish- every time, providing our services across Cork, Galway, Mayo, and beyond.

Tar & Chipping FAQ

Is tar and chipping cheaper than asphalt?

Yes. Tar and Chipping is a cheaper alternative than traditional asphalt driveway covering. Get in touch with CGM Tarmac and Paving today for a free quote on our tar and chipping services.

How long does a tar and chipping driveway last?

Typically speaking, a professionally installed tar and chipping driveway lasts approximately ten years. Get in touch with CGM Tarmac and Paving today for more information about our tar and chipping driveway services.

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